General information for Italian

Class rules
Participate actively in class discussions (That's how you learn a language!)Study and/or do your homework for ten or fifteen minutes every day.Take notes with pen and paper: it has been proved more effective than note taking digitally.Help your classmates: you will learn even more!When someone is speaking in class, listen to them: it will maximize your learning time.Use your phone only during activities that require it (Kahoot, Quizlet...); leave it off and in your backpack if not in use forlearning purposes.(The first time someone uses a phone, the whole class will be reminded of the rule.The second time, the phone will be placed in my desk and given back at my discretion.The third time, the phone will be given to your AP, and you will have to pay a fine of $15.00 to have it back.)
Required Materials Please, let me know if you need any materials for this school year. I always have extra materials for my students!
  • ITALO, your notebook with your grammar notes from previous levels. Should you not have one from previous years, you will be required to start one for my class.
  • Black or blue pen (we'll use pencils only for finals when scantrons are required)
  • fully charged laptop ($25.00 for the year; should you need financial assistance to get a school computer, please refer to Mr.Thornhill in the library)
  • a headset with a microphone for recording activities (you will be provided one for speaking activities, but sometimes it is useful to have your own)
  • Textbook, for levels 2-3

Test Day
Major tests are given on Wednesday, but your improvement and understanding of the language will be assessed daily.Quizzes are part of the daily work.
Grading Scale100 - 90 = A89 - 80 = B
79 - 70 = C
Below 70 = F
Retaking and making up tests, quizzes and writingIf you are absent, contact me asap to take the test/quiz during tutorial day on Mondays/Tuesdays.Should those days not suit you, you must arrange a different date with me.For retakes, I will follow the BHS Code of Conduct

Your grade is determined as follows
Homework, journal and participation – 20%
Tests, long essays and projects - 30%
Quizzes and short essays – 20%
Speaking skills - 30%In Level 4 during the second semester all your assessments will weigh the same and they will all be based on AP/IB exams.

What if I’m absent?”Exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses with at least two other classmates.If you happen to miss class one day you can call to find out what we did and what new words/concepts were learned.You WILL be responsible for the new vocabulary the next time class meets.You should also check our WIKI to find out what was done in class.The lesson plan is under the page La settimana.The Blendspaces we will use will allow you to always be informed about everything we are learning in class.Remember that you will also be responsible for writing your "Diario" daily entry.
Passes and leaving class earlyShould you be involved in a school activity that requires you to leave my class earlier than the end of the period, or should you need to do it for family or health reasons, always make sure to have a pass from your teacher or a note from the Attendance Office.
Make up work is your responsibility.See me immediately on your return to schedule make up work, missed tests and quizzes.You will have one week to make up missed assignments.Use this wiki to keep you updated.
TutorialsTutorials are held on Monday and Tuesday at lunch.PLEASE take advantage of the tutorials especially if you feel you are falling behind.The sooner you come, the sooner we can get you back on track.If you cannot come during lunch on Monday or Tuesday, make arrangements with me to schedule a different time/day.
If you feel you need help in catching up with what was done during the previous years, you might want to ask me about doing
peer tutorials with an INHS member, who can meet you daily during lunch.
On Thursdays, take advantage of A pranzo con l'italiano: we will meet during lunch to have informal conversations in Italian
(often with native speakers as our guests) and enhance our conversational skills. Extra credit is given if you come twice a month!
Your learning is your school's most important goal: I will be available for you whenever that is possible for both of us!

DisciplineI expect you to use and know the Student Handbook. Please, verify what are the standards for the conduct to be followed throughout
the year.

My class is based on mutual trust, and I believe it to be in our reciprocal interest for accidents not to happen and for respect to beshown at all times for both students and teachers.Verbal warnings will be made for you to be aware of a rule having been broken.Should the verbal warnings not be successful, your parents will be contacted, so that together we can find a way to changepositively.
Occasionally, an offense may call for more serious action in which case the above steps may not apply.Tardies are handled directly by the Assistant Principals.
Use of electronic devices is not permitted during class, unless the whole group is using Kahoot, and this rule is strictly implemented in the Italian classroom.The first time anyone's cell phone is on I will ask him/her to turn it off and put it away, the second time I will take it away and the third time it will go straight to an AP and a $15.00 fine will have to be paid. Let's make our life easier:

Should an emergency arise, you can be contacted in your AP office. Find his/her number on
What if I make a mistake in class?Mistakes when acquiring a new language are normal, natural and…. EXPECTED!!! Even students with a high degree of proficiency in the language will make many errors when speaking or writing.
Relax and have fun participating in class and your Italian will improve quickly!

HomeworkHomework will be assigned daily and will be corrected in class the following day, as well as all tests. It will consist in written assignments, presentations, researches or chapter reviews.
How do I evaluate your speaking skills?
How do I evaluate your writing skills?

How do I evaluate your participation?