Our level 3 and AP groups participate since 2011 to an exchange with a school in Italy.
For Thanksgiving, 10-15 students from Bellaire High School go to Italy and are hosted by a family, whose child attends a public high school, that our students will attend for 10-15 days.
In the spring, the Italian students will also attend BHS and live with the friend they hosted in the fall.

This helps us to keep the costs low and also to experience the same life Italians live in Italy.

You won't be a foreigner there anymore!

It is a unique opportunity to visit a country and experience authentic, real life and culture abroad.

Hosting is also a great opportunity if you cannot travel yourself.
Do consider it, as it will bring a piece of Italy straight into your household.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of our exchange!

The school we used to go to until 2015 is the Marco Polo High School in Bari, Apulia (Marco Polo).

From 2015 we began a cooperation with a high school in Cosenza, Calabria ( Liceo Telesio ).

If you are interested in hosting a student or in travelling next year, please contact Ms.Borsa in room 213.

This year students will visit Cosenza from 17-28 November 2017