Dear Parents,
I am honored to be your child's Italian teacher.

These pages are supposed to help him/her have an easier approach to language learning during this academic year and in the future.
To have a better understanding of what exactly will be his/her objectives for Italian, here is a link to the TEKS for Languages Other Than English, such as Italian: **LOTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills**

Every skill will be developed during each class. Your child will learn to understand both oral and written texts, and at the same time will improve his/her language production skills. Homework will be assigned daily and will be corrected in class, as well as all tests.

It is important that your child sees that school and family are working together for his/her future and wellbeing.
Cooperation between us is fundamental.

Foreign Language tutorials are on Monday and Tuesday at lunch, and they are a unique opportunity for the students to improve their Italian.
It is with great pride that Bellaire High School commits itself to always higher standards and results.
We want to get there with all students!

Please, do check your child's grades regularly on Gradespeed (you have access to it from the Parents' page on GRADESPEED) especially to make sure there are no incomplete or missing grades. I will give the students all the time they need to make up for missing assignments, but for their own benefit, they need to do it as soon as possible during tutoring.
All incomplete grades will become zeros at the end of the grading period if I did not receive the missing work..
I will make sure to email you the grades every two weeks for your convenience. Make sure your email address is updated with the school.

We have an exchange with the Bernardino Telesio High School in Cosenza, Italy, and every year students of Italian have the chance to travel to Italy and then host an Italian student.
If you are interested, let me know and ask your child to invite you to our informational meetings.

Feel free to contact me whenever you might need to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of what we are doing in class.
You can make an appointment sending a note with your child or sending me an email to If you need to talk to me but are unable to come to school, send a message with your phone number and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Maria Gloria Borsa

Find here a few files that you should have received through your child at the beginning of the year.