It is a test whose results are recognized nation-wide and participation is compulsory for all advanced levels, and it is strongly recommended at regular levels, as it will give you a way to see how your Italian places among other students´.
You´ll be surprised!!

Here's the link to the official page of the National Italian Examination

Link to the Specifications

Link to past practice exams: CLICCA QUI

Grammatica: use these Blendspaces to review and practice for the test
Accordiamoci e ConiugAzione

Review from levels 1-2

Websites to learn about Italian language and culture:
Quizlet (crea flashcard da usare online o stampare): **Quizlet** (register, it's free; then join your group bhsitalian 3/4 or bhstalian 2, password: bellaire)
Quizlet: Geografia Storia e letteraturaCultura generaleMusica e arteIl cibo e le bevande
Le Regioni Italiane
I grandi artisti italiani
Storia d'Italia
The Italian verb machine